Senior Staff

Jamie Turnbull

Assistant Trainer

Jamie came to the yard in December 2014 with experience gained at various racing yards, including latterly Nick Williams. Jamie rides out but is also in charge of the veterinary issues and the welfare of the horses. He is very conscientious about his work and thoroughly checks each horse weekly, reporting any issues to our vet Eugenio. He is also on hand for any of the riders or yard managers to ask if they are concerned with their horses. He oversees both yards and reports to Lucinda and Scu on each horse at their daily meetings. Jamie loves a day at a point to point in his spare time and riding in his local common riding festival, enjoying the festivities with friends and family. 

Jaimie Duff

Assistant Trainer & Travelling Head Girl

Jaimie rode out at Arlary while still at school and joined in 1995, many years ago... more than half her lifetime! She became Assistant Trainer in 2000 and with the expansion of the yard in 2013 Jaimie became responsible for planning the travel logisitics and the race day organisation. Jaimie often does the long distance travelling and will oversee their work if they are away from home. Having been here since we started Jaimie is an important part of the team and has made a huge contribution to the success of Arlary House Stables.

Tracy Anson

Racing Secretary

Tracy is our secretary and is a point of contact for owners. She oversees the racing administration, staff registration, training and wages, and invoicing. Tracy will let all the owners know when their horses are entered and declared and will also set up ownership registration if required. As a PA to Lucinda and Scu she has a wide range of things to solve.

Eleanor Warren

Head Girl At Arlary

El has taken on the role of head girl at Arlary over seeing the running of the yard, feeding and horse care. She, along with Ali, monitors each horse, administering veterinary care, and organising the use of the therapy machines on any horses that need it. El also  does arrival forms, worming and vaccination programs, and arranges the field turn out order and clipping. El ensures that the horses are ready to travel to the races, and that they are turned out to our usual high standard. She also runs our Facebook page 'Arlary House Stables'. El enjoys showing her Shetland ponies and her ex racehorses Jefertiti and Gray Mountain. 

Ciorstaidh Macgillivray

Head Girl at Arlary

Ciorstaidh became head Girl of Arlary in November 2016. She oversees the running of the yard and horse welfare. With a degree in bio-veterinary Science from Lincoln her help is invaluable. She has also begun to study for her masters in Equine Science at Edinburgh while still maintaining a high standard at the yard. In her spare time, she breeds her own spotty horses and plays the odd game of netball. 

Jordan Scobie

Head Girl At Kilduff

Jordan joined us at the beginning of July 2013 having just completed her final year at school.  Coming from a showing background, this is her first experience working with racehorses and she has adapted well to a different way of doing things.  She completed her nine week foundation course at the British Racing School in August 2013 and then returned here as a full time member of staff. Jordan has impressed us so much in her organisational abilities that while at first she was promoted to yard manager at Kilduff she rapidly became an assistant head girl there. In May 2016 Jordan took on full responsibility at Kilduff, overseeing all the barns, the daily routines and care of the horses and the veterinary recuperation care. Jordan enjoys going to music gigs in her spare time, she shares Scu's following of Slash, and riding her horse Crackerjack Lad who she hopes to compete in Retraining Of Racehorse classes.

Carey Williams

Assistant Head Lad at Kilduff

Carey and Scu have known each other for a long time as Carey was an apprentice to Scu’s father in the 1970’s. Carey and his wife moved back to the UK after he finished his time at a German Stud called Gestuet Park Wiedingen. He joined on the 2nd of October 2017. Because of his knowledge and positive attitude he is an important part of the team. He helps Jordan with horse welfare and is also in charge of the fourteen barn and breaking in some of the young horses.                    

Oli Russell


Oli is Lucinda's nephew and joined the team in January 2017 having served his time at Glenalmond School and Oxford Brookes University. His remit is to set up owners groups, look after owners and the press and once that is taken care of he helps everyone in the yard in all of the duties. Covering everything from mucking out to pouring champagne the only thing that he has not done is to ride up the gallops.. but that may change. If anyone is interested in joining a syndicate please contact Oli;